It's Jay Love (formerly Dj Craze) 2X platinum, BMI Award winning , BillBoard Top 10 Charting, record producer, Straight Out ATL, Georgia. You need beats. I got em ! Not just any old beat. I got them beats that get the club LIT. Keep in mind my first love was the 2 Turntables, so I comprehend the sound deejays looking for when the 1st beat of your song drops. It's a science the average beat-maker does not grasp. That's why having a Jay Love beat gives you the edge on the competition. Of course nothing takes the place of a well written & performed song. My beat and your song = the club LIT & your IG & Youtube Poppin. So lets make it happen. Changing the game 1 beat at a time 


Jay Love 
Roc Chyle Muzic (BMI)